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We don't know if it because of the economy or not, but lately modeling job offers posted on a certain free Internet classifieds site are getting a lot worse. Some of the most insulting to models are retail stores and businesses with the nerve to ask models to work modeling jobs for FREE! They do these promotions, and they do these fashion shows, marketing their business and making money from it, and the models don't get paid. We talked to Ryan, a booker over at Benz, and he said that a lot of independent models who were booking work without going through an agency were not getting paid. We thought that he was joking until we saw some of these crappy modeling jobs posts. Any business that doesn't want to pay models, and tries to convince models to do jobs for "experience" and to "network" needs to be boycotted, in our opinion. It's pathetic!

Then, again, you don't have to be a professional, or a business, to be able to post an ad on a freebie classified site, a site which posts anything and everything.

The following modeling job offers, in our opinion, are bad deals. If we are wrong about any of these, please prove it. This is pretty much for entertainment, too. Read the post. Think about it. Our replies follow.

Swimsuit Models Needed (International Plaza Tampa)
Date: 2009-10-15, 10:27PM EDT

Mall Retail store needs live mannequin models for in store event.

Women's designer swimsuit store is searching for mannequin models for in store Girl's Night Out event November 12, 2009. The event is to promote new merchandise arrivals and giveaways will be awarded.

Models will work in windows wearing swimsuits and coverups between 6-9pm.

This job does not offer pay but is a great experience to add to your resume.

Serious inquiries contact manager to setup meeting.

Call (813) (Omitted)
(Omitted jerk), Store Manager

* Location: International Plaza Tampa
* Compensation: no pay

What?!?!? You want models to work three hours and not get paid? It's for experience, and it would be a great addition to our resume? You cheap @$$ B%$#^%$^%$^%$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The brazeness, and nerve, of this modeling job post really pisses us off. You obviously do not have any respect for professional models!

International Plaza has been advertising their Girls Night Out campaign like crazy. You are going to be marketing your retail store, making money, and you want free labor. It's not fair to use models to make money, and not pay them! "Mannequin" modeling is not easy, as models have to pose absolutely still, and it is a modeling job that pays more than regular promotional modeling. As a minimum, should be paying those models $30.00 per hour cash, EACH! I'm thinking that you thought that manniquen modeling would be a cool promotional effort for your store, and that you could find three or four suckers.... I mean, models, to work for free while you make money. I suggest that you poney up the $270.00 to $360.00 and pay the models. What's really pathetic is that International Plaza is an expensive, high-dollar mall with upper-scale customers, and that $270.00 to $360.00 is pocket change for most models. We'd be doing you a favor allowing you to get off so cheap!

Just because the economy sucks does not mean that you can get away with selling models short, cutting their rates, or, in your case, eliminate paying the help altogether. I can imagine the sales staff, and yourself, laughing at all the pretty models behind their backs as they work for free, and everyone else gets paid. Why don't you ask your sales staff and regular store workers to work for free, too, while you are at it? After all, by your logic, it's good for experience, and will look great on their resume! Maybe you could get some of your store employees to do the manniquin modeling while wearing swimsuits, if they can pull it off. After all, modeling is easy. You only have to be one of the beautiful people- or so you think, because you are not models. Modeling is tough. It takes talent. How DARE you disrespect a profession that takes more dedication, investment, and qualifications than any of your minimum wage staff are qualified for!

You're the "store manager". This is your idea, and your promotion will make you look good in the eyes of corporate if it helps your bottom line. I suggest that you pay the models $90.00 each to do the job, if they are not that experienced. You could pay it out of your own damn pocket, too, or make the effort to convince corporate to do it. You are pathetic, and you can expect us to boycott your sorry-ass store!

After seeing your unprofessional attitude toward models, you'll be lucky to pull of your promotion for less than $50.00 per hour per model (putting up with dumbass retailers pay, plus compensation for being eye candy posing in skimpy bikinis)! That's $150.00 per model. If you want four models, pay up $600.00. Hell, that's still cheap!

Thank GOD there are a lot of models out there who feel the same way, and they flagged off your stupid ad in disgust!

Plus Model Casting Call At (Omitted) In The Brandon Mall (Brandon Mall)
Date: 2009-10-16, 8:13PM EDT

There will be a Plus Model Casting Call tomorrow Sat. October 17th at the (Omitted) store in the Brandon Mall from 4pm-6pm.
The address is (Omitted) Brandon Town Center Brandon, FL 33511. Models must be sizes 12-24 and ages 21-35. If interested, just show up with your head shot, heels and your model resume.

* Location: Brandon Mall
* Compensation: no pay

No pay? You better pay those models! It's bad enough being in a fashion show for plus sized clothing, but you need to PAY THEM, especially if it promotes your business and makes you money!

Models let us sell your photos……. (bay area)
Date: 2009-10-16, 9:31PM EDT

Professional or amateur models looking to earn extra money. Let us sell your photo and we pay thirty percent commission. You supply tasteful quality photos I’ll drop the background put them on my site for sale… With the economy being what it is promoters are looking to save money so it is much cheaper for them to buy already keyed assets be it photos or footage. Photos could be used for anything magazines, art or promotion of any kind…

Must be at least eighteen and sign a model release

If you have any reservations about where your photo will be used please don’t apply as I have no control over what they will be used for…..
Just to give you an idea how long I’ve been around photography I sold my first photo in 1977 so I’m not doing this to collect photos… If you do have something I haven’t seen before we need to donate it to science…………

Check out the site (Omitted) If you are interested get back to me either through this ad or my contact page…

* Location: bay area
* Compensation: no pay

You have no control over what they will be used for? YOU'RE SELLING THEM! Of course you have control! Also, another jerk who uses the economy as a catch-phrase, insulting and patronizing people. The same company posted an ad looking for sexy and provocative pictures, too, so we have to wonder what those pictures will be used for. Models don't want their likeness being used to promote dating services and adult businesses. They don't want their "sexy" pictures being taken out of context and making them look slutty or trashy. You can take your picture solicitation and shove it up your @$$.

Also, what about the photographers who also own rights to those pictures (did you think that the models took them?)? Do they have any say in how their work will be used? We didn't think so.

We looked at your work, and it sucks, too. No wonder you are soliciting models for their pictures. You are not able to take good ones yourself!


Model for beach shoot today? (Tampa Bay)
Date: 2009-10-16, 1:22AM EDT

Had a beach photo shoot lined up with a model today but she no showed. Want to set up another with a serious model. Send face and body pic and be ready to shoot friday am/pm.

* Location: Tampa Bay
* Compensation: 50

Ha ha! Too bad, so sad. Although we don't condone models pulling a no-call, no-show on a professional modeling job, we don't think that you qualify. We also don't approve of the model leading you on and misleading you, when she should have been straight-up with you. This said, who are you? Are you a photographer who we would want to shoot with? Are you any good? Why don't you identify yourself? Why is it that very few people posting on the classified sites identify themselves?

Serious models require serious pay, and only work with professional photographers who have a portfolio, and who can be checked out. We are models. We don't want to date you. We want to get paid, not laid! Why is it that your shady-@$$ ads feel so shady? Are you looking for a date, or are you serious about taking pictures of models? Why do we feel hunted when we read your ads? Why don't you tell us who you are and what your references are?

Oh, and is that "50" serious pay, as in cash? Is that $50.00 for an hour? It had better be. Or, is it a $50.00 dinner certificate, which isn't really pay? Why can't you pay in cash? Loser. You're pathetic!

Male models for bridal show (tampa)
Date: 2009-10-16, 7:02AM EDT

Please email us for more info.
Must be 5'7 or taller
Must be able to make the practice Oct. 25 and the show is November 1,2009

* Location: tampa
* Compensation: no pay

Oh, yes, this is why we became models! We invested in our careers and work really hard because we want to end up to working for free! Another company seeking free labor while they make money from the show, or sell the bridal show to their clients and make money that way, too.

Not at all worth it. Models, go out and do something fun instead of wasting your time. Maybe you could check out these fashion shows and make fun of the idiotic models who agreed to work for free!

Female Teen Swimsuit models needed (Tampa Bay)
Date: 2009-10-15, 6:40PM EDT

Female teen swimsuit and glamour models needed for websites. Send photos and info for consideration and possible test shoot. If chosen for a web shoot, $250-$500 per shoot.

* Location: Tampa Bay
* Compensation: no pay

That's a lot of pay for a modeling web site! Who are your customers? How do you make your money? Why do they have to be teen models? Who in the hell shoots glamour pictures of underage girls? Teenage girls have no business posing in skimpy clothing or in provocative poses. It's not modeling. It's something else. We have a qualified opinion here at Tampa Bay Modeling, and the opinion goes like this: "sites featuring children in provocative poses and revealing clothing might not be considered child pornography by the law, but it is child pornography all the same, and you can bet your last dollar that it's being used as such".


Female model needed for topless shoot (Tampa area)
Date: 2009-09-10, 6:48PM EDT

The shoot is only for 30min and pays $30. The photos will only be of your top and not include your face, will be anonymous. For those interested, just send a pic of your top, clothed or bare doesn't matter, and I will get back to you. I'm looking to do the shoot very soon. You don't have to be a model to do this. It's a very simple photo shoot. If there any questions, just ask.

* Location: Tampa area
* Compensation: $30

Are models really this desperate for pocket change?

Oh, wow.... We make a whole $30.00 for a risky modeling job which has the potential to undermine the career of a model! Aw, thanks... you won't include our face?! That makes it alright...... Hey, wait, how do we know that our faces are not in the shots? Do the models see what the photographer is shooting when they are in front of the camera posing? Also, what in the hell kind of modeling shoot is it when the model does not show their face, and the breasts are the subject? Could it be some new-fangled parts modeling job where the breasts are symbolic of a reputable product? Are our breasts going to advertise breast augmentation, or the services of some plastic surgeon, which then becomes false advertisement because they did not sculpt our breasts? Or, maybe, it is a fetish job for someone with a breast fetish! Oh, and we don't have to be a model? What kind of professional books a model into a modeling job who is not really a model?

Fetish modeling undermines commercial, mainstream modeling work. No sane professional model who is a mainstream model does that. We care about our careers!

Try at least $500.00, @$$hole, and you had be better be a professional photographer with references. If not, no way at any price! You're not exploiting anyone! If this is for legitimate, professional use, we will be aware of everything that the pictures are used for, too, or you can forget about a modeling release.

Oh, and who are you? Why don't you identify yourself so we can evaluate your work?

Pictures are forever, and cannot be undone..... High-risk modeling work can only be done with professionals who we completely know and trust, and is for professional models only, models who do that kind of work. We'll pass.

Looking for Male models for Bridal show (Tampa-Surrounding areas)
Date: 2009-10-12, 6:41PM EDT

Bridal show is November 1, 2009. Must be able to take direction well and be DEPENDABLE. Tux will be provided as well as hair cuts. Please email head shot and availability to email. Thanks!!!

PS-not a paid event TF

* Location: Tampa-Surrounding areas
* Compensation: no pay

Wanted: Dependable, professional models. We don't want to pay you, but you had better be dependable, or, else! We will fire you from our non-paying modeling job, and will sue you for breach of contract, if you are not dependable.

Do the guys get to keep the Tux? We didn't think so. Do we get paid anything? Oh, that's right. We should be grateful for the experience, which a professional model, the type of model that you are looking for, would already have.

This is probably the same bridal show that is posted above. You cheap @$$ businesses had better quit insulting models, and you need to pay them, before we boycott you!

Is a hair cut worth the $500.00 that a model would normally make modeling at a bridal show? At the very least, even lowly promotional models make at least $15.00 per hour, four hour minimum. Can you at least pay them $60.00? We didn't think so. We hope that you go out of business and end up unemployed!

Runway Models Needed (The Shops At Wiregrass )
Date: 2009-10-12, 6:35PM EDT

We are looking for runway models for a FASHION SHOW to be held on Saturday October 24th in The SHOPS AT WIREGRASS. We will be holding a Model Search Event on Tuesday Evening OCTOBER 20th from 6-8pm in the Mall Office Conference Room - located between (Omitted) and (Omitted) - behind the shopping center.

* Location: The Shops At Wiregrass
* Compensation: no pay

A fashion show! We get to model without pay, while they make money from the show! That's fair, and so professional! Oh, and there is a cool model search, too?!?! We can finally become professional models!

The following are modeling job posts where we haven't had the chance to write a response to. See if you can guess what is wrong with the following modeling job offers.

Date: 2009-09-26, 6:03AM EDT

To whom it may concern,

A very high end modeing agency is conducting a nationwide search for FEMALE models to work in their, print, online, runway, and many many other upcoming productions. We have just moved into the Tampa Bay Area and are searching for Female Models to work for our Tampa/Miami/Milan Italy offices. Yes if you get chosen for the Tampa office, you will be working in MILAN ITALY! If you would like the chance to make a lot of money, while MAKING A HUGE HUGE NAME FOR YOURSELF, working with this agency, please email us. We have produced many stars in the past 30 years we have been open, with names like Adriana Sklenaøíková ,Paulina Porizkova Michelle Alves. They are all curently working for Victioria Secret. We need at least two photo's, stats, and contact information, and we will get back to you very quickly.

* Compensation: 2000+

Casting Call - Commision Compensation
Date: 2009-10-13, 7:47PM EDT

We have created a unique website for earning potential. All that you need to do is allow us to use your provocative photos and provide a release allowing us to use such photos. We will only be using your likeness in an array of different backgrounds and or settings.Photos must be high resolution 240 DPI, 12x10 minimum. Unlimited earning potential!
Once we reviewed applicants and selected the finalist you will be contacted via email.
We have been in the web production industry for over 10 years. Please feel free to visit our website and get a small sample of what we have in mind.

Good Luck!!!

* Compensation: Commision

Amateur Photographer seeks Amateur Model (Clearwater)
Date: 2009-10-10, 5:01PM EDT

Amateur photographer seeking amateur or inexperienced female models to expand personal portfolio. Looking for females interested in trading time for photos. If you want to expand your portfolio, or just want to try modeling for your enjoyment, i would like to help. The photos are strickly for your own use, however you choose, and will not be posed or sold to anyone. If your interested, please respond with a photo, your age and the type of shoot and setting your interested in doing. I will be in the Tampa/Clearwater area Oct. 16 to Oct 30, and I will be available some evenings and the weekend, please let me know if your interested and when will work best.

P.S. whoever is flagging my post please stop it!!!!!!!!

* Location: Clearwater
* Compensation: Time for Cd

Corvette model (Tampa Bay Area)
Date: 2009-10-10, 2:42AM EDT

Corvette model, I just repo a 1980 corvette I have been looking for for 7 years and now that I have it I want some pictures of a NUDE girl on the hood. If you are interested in about an hours work I will make you happy. Please reply with picture if you are between 18 and 25 and hot and have no problem with NUDE. your my girl. Reply soon.

* Location: Tampa Bay Area
* Compensation: no pay

Date: 2009-10-09, 10:48PM EDT


Open Call Date: Saturday October 10th 2009 - show dates 11.13.09 in Tampa & 11.21.09 in Clermont

Open Call Time: 6 - 9pm

Venue: Cozmopolitan Lounge

Address: 1910 East 7th Avenue (19th & 20th streets), Ybor City, Florida

All Models:

*Strong runway presence required - must be able to sell designers' garments & accessories on the runway

*Bring comp cards or recent photographs

*Models under 18 yrs of age must be accompanied parent or guardian

*No excessive tattoos or piercings


*5ft 8in or taller (if you are not at least 5' 8" but are confident you have what it takes, please feel welcomed to audition).

*Wear fitted clothing - Designers need to see your body form.

*Wear heels & be prepared to walk

*Bring comp cards or portfolio

*Swimsuit models bring your swimwear - you may be asked to walk in them



*6ft. or taller

*wear dress shoe, be prepared to walk

*bring comp cards or portfolio.

* Compensation: no pay

boat available for models/photographer (Tampa)
Date: 2009-10-09, 7:33PM EDT

I have a powerboat and I'm willing to take a photographer and models out for an island shoot if you can chip in for fuel cost ($40). I have all the safety equipment, vests, radio, etc. I can seat 4 besides me. Reply back if interested or call (Omitted). Avail this weekend.

* Location: Tampa
* Compensation: no pay

Any models going to the beach today? (Tampa Bay)
Date: 2009-10-09, 12:39PM EDT

If you're a sexy female model that will be at the beach today and feel like getting your picture taken let me know. I'll show up with my camera and we'll do a professional photo shoot. You can get a copy of your photos and a $50 dinner certificate. Send photo, contact info and time you plan on going out.

* Location: Tampa Bay
* Compensation: $50

Female Models 18+ Wanted By Pro Photographer $15--$25 pr hr (Pinellas Location)
Date: 2009-10-08, 11:17AM EDT

For the Girl that wants to pursue modeling.
Here is your opportunity to start or enhance your modeling career and make money in the process
$15--$25 pr hr
Pro Photographer is seeking 5 females for Portfolios --earn why you learn
No Gimmicks I'm Starting a new modeling site and need a few new faces to shoot. No sex,videos etc just pics (clothed to Playboy style nudes) done by a Professional.
You will get many pics,a few printed for your book. Your own website to showcase your talents.
ABSOLUTELY FREE and I'll pay $15- $25 pr hr.
I'm located in Treasure Island Beach and shoot outside and studio.
Hurry Up as I'm ONLY doing 5.
In Your Response tell me about you,any experience,age,attach your pics and a contact number.
Please only serious minded girls need respond

* Location: Pinellas Location
* Compensation: $15--$25 pr hr

Aspiring model to attend magazine shoot? (Tampa)
Date: 2009-10-04, 5:03PM EDT

Im feeling a bit generous and would like to have an aspiring model attend a magazine shoot with me this Monday only. Will be a great even to network and gain some possible exposure. I am not paying since it is not my gig, but can introduce you to the players who make the calls. Also, I will do a tfcd shoot with you if you would like to get something out of the deal. Please be serious and ready to go Monday! Send face and full body pic for consideration. Having a sense of the modeling business and desire to go places in it is a plus!

* Location: Tampa
* Compensation: tfcd plus event attendance

looking for 10 plus size models for fashion show (Tampa Bay)
Date: 2009-10-04, 3:11PM EDT

Looking for beautiful models to be feature in clothing line fashion show for November 28th. No experience need BUT must know how to Cat Walk and has to be Very confident. This is not a paid job, but in exchange for your service, you will receive print from the show. This is a great networking event. Pls send us 2 photos a head shot and body shot along with you stats, shirt& pants size.

More info will be forward to you when we receive your email.

Thanks !

* Location: Tampa Bay
* Compensation: no pay

Most Ticklish Girls In Tampa For Video Work (Tampa)
Date: 2009-09-21, 4:34PM EDT

(Omitted) video is searching for extremely ticklish females to shoot on video. Those with unbearably ticklish feet are of particular interest. We need attractive girls, physically fit, that are very very ticklish and who NATURALLY LAUGH HYSTERICALLY when tickled extensively. This work is incredibly fun, easy and extremely lucrative. In addition we need girls for foot modeling/foot-fetish related work as well. Females with pretty, well maintained feet, particularly those with high arches are preferred. Pay is $100/hr with a 3 hour minimum for tickling and some type of foot fetish work. Don't miss out on the one of the simplest earning opportunities you''ll ever have fun doing!! Follow up shoots are available on a regular basis for those that are a good fit for what we need. Include a photo of yourself when emailing us.

* Location: Tampa
* Compensation: $300-$600

Female Bikini Models Needed Promo Work $15 pr hr (Pinellas--Hillsborough)
Date: 2009-09-21, 4:32PM EDT

Stop flagging this post. What is your problem? Make yourself known and your reasons.
No experience needed will train.
We need 3 girls in bikinis for promo work for various businesses throughtout the Tampa Bay Area.
You must look good in a bikini,be congenial,friendly and able to speak to customers.
Each gig will last at lease 3 hours.
We have other opportunities as well.
To be considered send a few bikini shots and your bio, and times you can be available.
Be sure to provide a phone number as well.
This will be an onging thing if you are selcted.

* Location: Pinellas--Hillsborough
* Compensation: $15 pr hr

Webgirl (Pasco)
Date: 2009-09-27, 8:45PM EDT

Hey ladies, we are looking for fun, outgoing, and attractive young ladies. I am looking for ladies 18-25 years old. Pay is 1.00 per minute.You will be in a private room with toys and a webcam. The longer you keep the guys interested, the more you make. Girls typically make 200 dollars a night. You make what you please, if you are good at what you do, I will guarentee you will make more than 200 dollars. Please, only reply if you are seriously inquiring information. Thank you for your time and I am looking forward to talking with you.

* Location: Pasco
* Compensation: 1.00 per minute

Female Bikini Models Needed Promo Work $15 pr hr (Pinellas---Hillsborough)
Date: 2009-09-26, 11:45AM EDT

No experience needed will train.
We need 3 girls in bikinis for promo work for various businesses throughtout the Tampa Bay Area.
You must look good in a bikini,be congenial,friendly and able to speak to customers and strut your stuff.
You must have a nice tan as a lotof the work is in the sun.
Each gig will last at least 3 hours.
We have other opportunities as well.
To be considered send a few bikini shots and your bio, and times you can be available.
Be sure to provide a phone number as well.
This will be an onging thing if you are selected.

* Location: Pinellas---Hillsborough
* Compensation: $15 pr hr +

So why didn't your child book the commercial (Tampa Bay Area - Sarasota)
Date: 2009-10-08, 8:47AM EDT
Reply to: see below

Former Talent Agent in New York is the owner of a bi-coastal talent management company
with offices in New York, Los Angeles and Sarasota. Her child clients can be seen
on national commercials, TV shows, Feature Films and Theatre productions as well
as print ads!! 20 years of experience has made this company an extreme success!!
Please submit your childs head shot and resume if you are interested in representation
and getting your child prepared for auditions to book the job!! We aspire to the
complete package in your child!! Follow our lead and your child will be successful!!

We will be having auditions for representation starting October 20th
Please email your childs headshot and resume to (Omitted)
and your telephone number so we can call you and set up the appt.
slots are limited and filling up fast!!

See you soon!!

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