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The State Of Modeling In Tampa Bay For 2011

By C. A. Passinault, Director Of Tampa Bay Modeling

We’re off to a great start for 2011 here at Tampa Bay Modeling, and projects that we have been working on for the past five years are on the verge of finally being added to the modeling sites. The past ten years has been exciting for the modeling industry as a whole, and change is now obvious. A new generation of professional models are now taking charge of their careers, and are not only making the modeling agencies work for them like they are supposed to, but are finding modeling jobs on their own, without going through a modeling and talent agency, and are booking those jobs.
The agencies are not happy about it, to be sure, but it’s not because they are losing work as much as because they are losing power in the industry. The power is going where it always belonged, which in the hands of professional independent models.
The really cool thing is where in the world most of this is happening in. There is a place in the world where, because it is a local, commercial modeling market instead of a secondary one such as Miami, there are fewer modeling jobs. Because coveted modeling jobs are harder to come by, this market has a lot of scams and con artists.
The market which I’m speaking of is the Tampa Bay modeling market.
The Tampa Bay modeling market has always been a but shady, and sleazy, to me, and I’m thinking that another factor which makes it like that is Tampa Bay’s reputation for adult entertainment, fetish modeling, and other high risk modeling work. Of course, this also means that the legitimate modeling industry here in Tampa Bay is weaker than it is in larger cities, which makes this market perfect for our agenda.
Out of all of the markets in the worldwide modeling industry, by far, the most exciting developments in the world have been here in Tampa Bay. As far back as 1998, Florida was seen as one of the pioneers in the independent modeling and talent movement, when a lone model by the name of Kitty was rejected by modeling agencies. Kitty did not give up, however, and she taught herself how to make a web site. Kitty took charge of her modeling career, and worked as a freelance professional model, without agency representation. The web site which Kitty used to market her modeling career throughout Florida, and especially in the Tampa Bay market, was Florida Models, and though Florida Models, Kitty was able to find modeling work on her own as an independent model. Once Kitty began routinely book modeling job, the modeling and talent agencies saw which way the wind was blowing. They realized that, without them, Kitty had proved that she was booking modeling work, and that she was marketable. The result was that Kitty obtained representation by not just one modeling and talent agency, but several. Her work increased, and she continued to book work on her own, as well as through agencies. She was one of the first successful independent models in the country.
My first experiences in the modeling industry happened when I first went online Christmas day, 1997. It changed my life. I did not have a computer, but I had a massive collection of video game consoles. That same week, before 1998 dawned, I went to Best Buy in Brandon and bought a Netlink 28.8 modem for my Sega Saturn, along with a keyboard adapter for the Saturn and a cheap computer keyboard. I also bought the Sega Saturn mouse. The resulting combination turned my Sega Saturn into a web terminal, and that’s what I used to surf the Internet most of 1998.
I knew that I would eventually want to make a web site, and I knew that I would need pictures for that web site. In 1998, work toward my first web site put my career as a photographer into high gear, and that’s why I started working with models. I needed models as subjects for my photography shoots, and my web sit marketing.
With that low-end Sega Saturn web browser, I began to look for models. You have to realize that the Internet of 1998, before Web 1.0 and at the start of the world wide web and graphical navigation, was a small fraction of the size that it was today. All of the people on the Internet had web sites, and that took some work and knowledge. Subsequently, there were a lot of smart people populating the Internet; the laymen wasn’t there, yet.
I found Florida Models, contacted Kitty, and we became friends.

(To be continued)

PUBLISHED 01/13/11

UPDATED 04/02/11






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