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See also: Standards have dropped in the Tampa modeling industry - Statement about Tampa Shootouts - Tampa Shootouts (The official shootout event series of Tampa Bay Modeling, and an ethical, professional alternative to other so-called “shootout events” in Tampa Bay).


Are the photography events and workshops real, or are they just bait?
There are reports of shady, unethical photographers advertising modeling photography workshops in the Tampa Bay area, with paid modeling jobs for models, which are not actually real! They are deceptive, fraudulent marketing tactics used to bait in models with the promise of a modeling job in order to sell the model something, such as photography or portfolio services, before the model can be “considered”. Don’t get scammed!
NEVER buy any service, or anything, from anyone who is advertising a modeling job, especially when you have to buy something to be considered for that job. Make them verify that the job is real, and do not buy anything to be considered for the job! A LEGITIMATE MODELING JOB will NEVER require you to buy something to be considered.
Before responding to any advertisement for a modeling job, verify the job to make sure that it is real. Find out which models have worked previous jobs for that photography event organizer, and make sure that they made FULL PAY on the advertised pay rate for modeling. If the organizer cannot prove that the job is real, and that they honor their advertisements, do not work with them! Also, if the organizer of the modeling photography event is making money, or are charging others, like photographers, to participate, YOU need to get paid! Don’t be exploited as free labor from greedy organizers who rip off models! Do not work for free if that are making any money! Do not allow them to talk down your pay rates for things like “pictures”, either!
If they require that you have to buy something in order to be considered for an advertised job offer in a workshop, shootout, or any other modeling photography event,
please contact the authorities, such as the Federal Trade Commission, to ensure that they will be investigated and prosecuted so that they cannot continue to take advantage of models!

ATTENTION: Models need to beware of pay-loopholes, hidden fees, and bait and switches with working at shootout and workshop events! If they advertise a pay rate, they HAVE to honor it, without any hidden surprises! Don’t get scammed and ripped off! Models should be entitled to the following:

1. $200.00 to $650.00 pay range for any Tampa Bay shootout or modeling photography workshops. Pay rates should be $200.00 to $300.00 for family-friendly modeling work. They should be $400.00 to $650.00 for high-risk modeling work! These rates are for a standard four hour shootout or workshop event.
Pay for working Tampa shootouts or modeling photography workshops where the organizers make money should be $200.00 to $300.00 for a four hour event. For high-risk work, such as boudoir, lingerie, glamour, modeling in skimpy bikinis, and other “sexy” photography, rates should be $400.00 to $650.00 for a four hour event; pictures are forever, they cannot be undone, high-risk work can hurt the marketability of a model, and you have to be careful how those pictures will be used! High-risk work is for professionals ONLY, and models should NEVER do high-risk work with amateurs, regardless of the pay! See also
“Making out with models”, which describes the unethical and unprofessional things that amateur photographers do with your sexy pictures.

2. Models should receive a copy of ALL of the image files (pictures) from working at a shootout or workshop with NO REDUCTION of the advertised pay for the job. Pictures from a job are expected, and should never be an option where the model is obligated to pay for them. This is an unethical tactic which some workshop organizers use to get models to work for rates which are lower than what was advertised, and it is unacceptable!

3. Models need to beware of bait and switches and hidden fees at modeling jobs. NEVER pay for anything, or discount your rates for things like obtaining pictures. Models must receive their full pay, which is verified in writing before working the job, without any obligation to pay for anything!

4. References? Glad that they have them! Are their references credible? If an amateur photographer or workshop/ shootout organizer has amateur models for references, are they really references? Do the amateur models know what they are talking about, or are they even aware if they have been taken advantage of? Amateurs do not know what they are talking about, and any inexperienced person can be manipulated and tricked.
For any sexy / high-risk modeling photography workshops or shootouts, which includes glamour and boudoir, you must make sure that they organizer is a professional! Their references need to be professional, reputable models who have worked with other professional photographers, and whom have composite cards, portfolios, professional job references, and real web sites. Consider the source when it comes to ANY reference or opinion!

If the organizers make money, so should you. Also, hold them to paying you the full pay rate that they promised!
Models should also be entitled to a copy of all of the raw image files (pictures) from the workshop or shootout without ANY REDUCTION in pay! Do NOT accept any strings attached or hidden surprises! Models should also not be obligated to pay for ANYTHING at any modeling job, as they are the ones who need to get paid! Do not pay for ANYTHING, and this includes charges for editing pictures from the job!
Models should get the agreed-upon pay rates in writing BEFORE agreeing to work in and book into any Tampa photography shootouts or modeling photography workshops where the organizers charge others, such as photographer, to participate in. If they make money, and you help them with a workshop, so should you!
Models, beware of bait and switches (which are unethical, deceptive trade practices, and SCAMS) where they promise you a rate, and then try to talk you down or they try to charge you for something which should be obtained from working the job, such as pictures. Pictures from workshops should be offered free of charge! Do not allow them to make you lower the quoted rate advertised by saying that things such as pictures are not included, and NEVER buy ANYTHING from any modeling job! They are paying YOU, and you need to make your promised, advertised rate without any strings attached or hidden surprises!
Deceptive trade practices and false advertising are illegal and unethical. Don’t get scammed!
There are reports of unethical workshop organizers baiting in models with the promise of pay, and then later cheating them out of pay for pictures from the workshops, as well as other surprises. Don’t work for any less that they advertise!
While they should not have to give away the rights to the pictures to the models, they should not hold anything over the heads of the models, either. At the very least, models should get a copy of the original, raw image files from the modeling photography workshop or shootout!


1. $200.00 to $300.00 ($400.00 to $650.00 for sexy modeling)
What a professional model should charge for working a shootout event where photographers pay to shoot models. That $200.00 is for a shootout attended by at least a few professional photographers where the model stands a chance of obtaining good pictures for their work (check out the photographers slated to attend to determine this. The photographers should have real web sites with a .Com domain name, rates that they charge, a portfolio, references from PROFESSIONAL models who have actually benefitted career-wise by working with the photographer, and should have at least a few years of experience actually doing photography as a business, as well as have an occupational license. Make sure that the “professional” photographers can demonstrate that they have invested in their career. Check their work, too. Going back to references, references from amateur models do not count, as you have to consider the source when it comes to any opinion; amateur models often do not know what they are doing, do not know how to evaluate effective, professionally relevant photography, are easily misled, and can often be convinced that poor, trashy, exploitive modeling photography is great work!). $300.00 is for a shootout event where amateur, aspiring photographers pay to learn to shoot models, since the models have to teach them AND the pictures will probably be useless for any portfolio. Models should also charge more for shootout events that are over four hours. Shootouts and workshops which have "sexy" modeling, which includes, but is not limited to, glamour, boudoir, lingerie, modeling in revealing bikinis, and modeling in provocative poses should pay $400.00 to $650.00, are considered to be high-risk modeling photography work, and are for professionals only!
A shootout event run by amateurs where other amateurs pay, or a shootout event where the organizer is misleading people? How about a shootout event with amateur photographers, and/ or with high-risk modeling involved? Not worth it at any price!

2. Are they making money while getting you to work for free?
Tampa Shootouts where photographers are charged to participate in need to pay the models. What would we charge for modeling at such a shootout event? $200.00 minimum, and then only if there was a good chance of getting portfolio-worthy photographs by a few professional photographers.

3. Who stands to benefit the most?
Working with amateurs is risky. Models should charge amateurs more to work with them, as the benefits are not as great for the models, and the risks are higher. If the chance of obtaining usable pictures for your portfolio is diminished, you need to charge them more. How much more? We wouldn’t do it for any less that $300.00, and then only if it were a legitimate shootout event run by a professional photographer.

4. Are you enabling a scam and helping them rip people off?
Beware of whom you associate with. Amateurs and / or shootouts organizers who misrepresent themselves need models for credibility. Do not give amateurs more credibility than they deserve, and avoid giving con artists and scams whom mislead people any credibility at all; refuse to work with them or have anything to do with them.

5. Avoid risks
Avoid high-risk work which will undermine your ability to market your modeling career. Protect your likeness and your professional reputation! Poor pictures and pictures that are a conflict with mainstream modeling work floating around will cost you jobs! High-risk work includes, but is not limited to, so-called artistic “nudes”, posing provocatively, modeling in skimpy bikinis, and modeling in lingerie. It also includes boudoir and glamour work. Anyone who tries to get you to do high-risk work either is trying to exploit you and make money at your expense, ir is ignorant of the business and will cripple your modeling career.
Most companies will not book models who have images out there which conflict with their public image, or which is otherwise a conflict of interest. If the model manages to conceal such work, and the business books them and later finds out, the model could face serious liability issues.

Pictures are forever, and cannot be undone. Risque and poor photography will reflect badly on you, and it will undermine the marketability, and the integrity, of your modeling career. You are whom you associate with, and models can give credibility to con artists who are running scams. Also, if they are making money, they need to pay you if you are working and you are making the event possible.
Don’t work for free. Your time and your experience is worth paying for. If the organizer of the shootout event is getting paid, so should you. Don’t allow someone to use you as free labor, or to use you to lure customers in to pay them to participate in the shootout event while they pocket all of the money and do not pay the models.
If any Tampa Bay shootout event markets itself to photographers, or charges anyone for participation, the models need to GET PAID. ALL OF THE MODELS! Collaboration is fine if everyone is an established professional, and no one is making money charging others to participate. It’s different, though, if some unethical person is charging others to participate, making money, and they don’t pay the models whom are helping them pull off the shootout event. Without models, they don’t have an event, and can’t make money.
Don’t allow unethical people to make a business out of something and use models for free labor. If they make money doing it, the professionals helping them should GET PAID!
Photographers, often amateur aspiring photographers, PAY SHOOTOUT EVENTS TO SHOOT MODELS. Without the models, the photographers don’t have incentive to pay a dime, and rightfully so. IF THE SHOOTOUT EVENT IS ABOUT MODELS, THE MODELS ARE NEEDED, AND THE MODELS NEED TO GET PAID!
During a recent shootout event, the organizer paid one model, a prominent professional model who would not have helped him if she had not been paid, but the other models who were also helping out were not paid. Is that fair?
Many of these shootout events are marketed to amateur photographers, too, which means that the pictures will be of little value to your portfolio, if at all. If you can’t get professional tear sheets from a shoot, the value of the job drops. YOU NEED TO CHARGE THEM MORE. Look at the work of the photographers, and if it isn’t up to the standard of your portfolio, consider charging them more, because you are doing them more of a favor than they are for you; the benefits of the shoot are more on their side, because you can do more for them than they can do for you. CHARGE THEM MORE!
Again, do not work for free if they are making money. Models, they are making money at your expense. WHERE IS YOUR PAY?
Your expense? Well, lack of pay is not the only risk that you take with some of these shootout events!
You see, some of these shootout events are also high-risk, which means that they can be risky for your modeling career. High-risk work will limit the modeling jobs that you can do, and can even destroy your career! Even if you get paid, the following high-risk modeling jobs are not worth it, unless you are an experienced professional model who specializes in this type of work.

1. Provocative poses
Sexy is risky, and can hurt your career, especially when pictures are permanent! Avoid any modeling in provocative poses. They can be taken out of context and used to exploit you in ways that you, the model, never intended.

2. Swimsuit and bikini modeling
Beware of swimsuit calendars and modeling in bikinis at shootout events.
Amateur photographers doing such work without professional guidance are not going to be able to do such work tastefully. Modeling in risque bikinis is also high-risk, simply because we’ve heard of more than one photographer taking such pictures out of their original context, and using them to exploit the models (there were at least two instances in the Tampa Bay area, from two different photographers, where they took supposedly safe swimsuit pictures of models and they sold them to adult entertainment companies to market 900 lines and other inappropriate services. The models did not originally agree to this, and were misled, but it didn’t matter because they allowed themselves to be photographed, and they signed their rights away. Additionally, to add insult to injury, the photographer made money by selling the pictures, and the models were not paid. The models were ripped off twice in those deals!

3. Glamour modeling
One of the most disturbing things that we have witnessed in the Tampa Bay market are glamour photographers marketing glamour photography and modeling shootout events as safe, fun, mainstream modeling. Glamour modeling is NOT mainstream modeling, and it is risky for the career of any model. If you ran a business, would you hire (book) a model who had sexy pictures of themselves all over the Internet? Would you allow the likeness of a model who had nude, ro risque, pictures out there? Don’t cripple your career, and don’t allow sleazy photographers to undermine, and compromise, the integrity of your modeling career.

If you are a model who wants to be as marketable as possible, and wants to maximize their ability to book modeling jobs, avoid high-risk modeling work.
Any photographer or event organizer who tries to get models to do high-risk work, especially new models who have limited experience, either do not know what they are doing, or are exploiting models for their own gain at the expense of the models.
Is it worth working with them?

The professional factor
Another thing that models MUST consider is that a lot of shootout events are run by amateurs for amateurs. That’s like the blind leading the blind. Worse, still, is that, by participating, the model gives the organizer credibility that they may not deserve. Don’t sell out, even if you are paid, and help some shady organizer scam and exploit people!
Make sure that the Tampa shootout event is run by a qualified professional. Amateur shootout events are not good for anyone. Shootout events and workshops which are marketed to amateur photographers and models, at the very least, need to be run by qualified professionals who know what they are doing. Also, all the professionals working these events need to GET PAID!

What makes our Tampa Shootouts different
Tampa Bay Modeling, Aurora PhotoArts, the Tampa Photography Society professional photography association, and the Model Dominion are offering a professional alternative to all of the other shootout events. We are sick and tired of models working for free when the organizers make money, models being tricked into doing high-risk modeling work at shootouts, and amateurs running around working with amateurs, wasting the time of all involved.
We set the standard for what Tampa Shootout events and professional workshops need to be!
Tampa Shootouts
Our Tampa Shootouts are offered FREE OF CHARGE to qualified, invited professionals, and although they are shootout events, they are also professional networking events. Although the participants are not paid, they don’t have to pay for anything, either, and are not obligated to buy any product or service to participate. It is all about professional collaboration.
The Tampa Shootouts are also a “working audition” for professional models, photographers, make-up artists, stylists, and others who want to work in our professional workshops for the modeling industry. Any professional who wishes to be considered is obligated to be evaluated during our Tampa shootout events.
Tampa Modeling and Photography Workshops
Our professional modeling and photography workshop events, which ARE marketed to amateur photographers and models, are run by QUALIFIED, experienced professional photographers, models, and other industry professionals. These professionals ARE PAID for their work. The workshops are NOT the same as the shootout events, although they are marketed through Tampa Shootouts and the events.

PUBLISHED 09/01/11

UPDATED 02/10/12






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