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Born Beautiful

A short story series about the adventures of a model By C. A. Passinault

Episode 1: Independence

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A convertible MR2 Spyder banked off the highway and merged into the dense traffic on the causeway, toward the west. The silver finish gleamed in the afternoon light. Long, dark hair whipped in the wind as a button-like nose crinkled under the bridge of dark sunglasses. A hand shot up from the stick shift and yanked down the visor. The hand made a detour to the in-dash MP3 player, tapping a button as the volume shot up and loud techno dance music drowned out the sounds of the traffic around her. The engine revved, and she reached down to shift as the car lurched forward and accelerated. Lipsticked lips curled up in a grin as she took a deep breath, breathing in the salty air from the warm bay waters lapping along the roadside seawall, and feeling the sun glow on her dark skin. A couple of seagulls flew over her, soaring in the sea breeze. She ran her tongue across her perfect white teeth.
God, she loved summer.
She heard a ringing in her left ear. She tapped a mute function on her car sound system and reached around her chin to tap another button on her cell phone's wireless head seat, which was clipped to her ear. She greeted the caller.
"Cameron Passi, how may I assist you?"
"Hey, Cammy, where the hell are ya?!?!" the high pitched hyper voice chattered. She smiled. It was another personal call, and not the call that she had been expecting.
"Hi Jen, what's up, beeeeeaaatch?!"
"Where are ya?"
"On the Courtney, surrounded by assholes who should be poster children for the campaign to jack-up car insurance rates."
"You working again?" The voice inquired. It didn't miss a beat.
"No, just making the rounds. I'm on my way to Clearwater for a go-see."
She patted the leather portfolio laying on her passenger seat.
"You're always working. You never have time for your friends anymore!" The voice teased, with a slight whimper.
"Well, I have car payments to make. It's not like I book every job."
"You don't have bills compared to mine! Don't even start! Besides, you seem to get a lot of jobs."
"That's because I don't let myself sit around on my ass all day. You've gotta work it, baby. I'm what you could call a go-getter, and don't you forget it!"
She glanced down into her driver-side mirror, and turned her head to check her blind spot. She abruptly changed lanes, prompting an angry honk from a rusty old VW next to her. She noticed two guys fishing off the seawall.
They were cuties.
"Cammy, you have got to be the worst driver in Tampa! I'm always hearing pissed people around you when you drive!" the voice laughed.
"Whatever Jenny. These people suck. Besides, you're the one that keeps on getting into crashes. I have yet to even put a scratch on my baby."
"You're just lucky" Jennifer chimed.
"Baby, you make your own luck." She giggled. She slowed to stop for a stoplight, "Shit."
"What now?"
"I hate stopping. I've gotta go, go, go!"
"Hey, what are you and Ryan up to? You want to meet us for dinner tonight?"
"Yeah, sure, but I can't give you a time yet. I have no clue how long the art director is going to keep me."
"Where do you want to eat at?"
"I've got to take the Courtney on the way back, so how about the Rusty Pelican?"
"Where's that again?"
"South end of Rocky point, off of the second light. Hmmmmmmm, you know, I don't know if Ryan can make it."
"What's he doing today?"
"I don't know. I've been too busy lately to keep up with my love life. I think he's off doing something with his friends. I can give him a ring when I'm done."
The light Changed. She glanced to her left, down Rocky Point. Nice place to eat, but not that fun. She was the third wheel with her friend Jennifer, and her boyfriend Jack, too much lately. What was Ryan up to today? He wasn't at his apartment when she stopped by that morning. They lost touch again.
Well, at least everything else in her life was going well. She was almost too busy to miss him. Almost.
"Hey, if Ryan can't be found, you could get with Jack and me tonight. You know how much we're into you, supermodel. That would be cool!"
Cameron made a sour face.
"Whatever. You're not funny!"
"Hey, I remember that time we kissed."
"It was a dare, and it wasn't a real kiss. I'm never drinking rum with you again, do you hear?"
Jennifer laughed. The high pitch of the laughter pinched her ear.
The car behind her honked.
Time to go, go, go. Next stop was a studio near Clearwater beach. The Spyder chirped tires as it accelerated ahead, beginning its trip across the long Causeway.

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PUBLISHED 05/13/11

UPDATED 05/13/11

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