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Remember models: Exploitation is not art, and it should never be passed off as art. If someone wants you to pose in ways that make you uncomfortable, tries to talk you into posing in skimpy bikinis, or tries to get you to take off your clothes, walk away. This kind of work will cripple your marketability as a model, and it will undermine your modeling career!

A word about exploitation in modeling

This is NOT a simple subject, but be aware that there are high-risk modeling jobs out there which will limit your marketability as a model (case in point: If you want to guarantee that we refuse to feature you on Tampa Bay Modeling, Independent Modeling, or any of our other sites, or wish to discourage us from working with you in the future, post a bunch of nude / glamour /tacky pictures online. Go out and act like an idiot, getting drunk at parties and nightclubs, and document your behavior, and watch us avoid you like the plague. Demonstrate that you don’t know what you are doing, and we won’t want to deal with you. Another way of making it difficult for us to consider you for anything is being associated with unprofessional people, unethical parties, and known modeling scams; in which case you would be deemed a serious security risk, as well as being a model of extremely limited marketability. Working with you would not be worth the risk, and it would not be cost-effective to do so. We will not take you seriously as a model, and neither will anyone else. We only work with, and promote, the best independent models- and if we consider working with you, we WILL thoroughly check you out before working with you. We also encourage all modeling jobs to evaluate all models before working with them, too, as that reduces the risk that some unprofessional model is going to burn them. Show us a model who has nudes all over the internet, a model who poses in provocative poses, and who also attempts to work mainstream modeling jobs, and we’ll show you a model who does not know what they are doing, and who has NO BUSINESS being in the industry; such a model is a danger to themselves, as well as to anyone who books that model and attempts to use their image to market a product or service which conflicts with the other work that the model is known for).
If you do something risky, are others going to be comfortable working with you? What about if you are associated with something questionable, unethical, or unprofessional?
There are other types of “opportunities” which are often marketed as modeling jobs, but in actuality are not. This includes promotional “modeling” at parties in inappropriate attire (and doing questionable activities), web cam modeling (don’t do this. It’s an adult industry job that will destroy your modeling career, in our opinion, and we’ve seen it happen), and lingerie modeling in seedy lingerie modeling establishments (leads to exotic dancing, and escort work, which is NOT modeling). Most real modeling jobs will not go near you if you do this type of work, and you would be high-risk for their image, and more of a potential liability than an asset.
If anything pays a lot of money, especially if it is described as “easy”, consider the risk involved.
Additionally, consider what is appropriate modeling. Take underage teen models, for example. While it would be illegal to take nude pictures of underage models, a way that pornographers use to get around the law is that they take pictures of those models in skimpy bikinis, lingerie, provocative poses, and inappropriate contexts. In our opinion, teen modeling of this type is not modeling, especially as the product being marketed and sold is the image of the model themselves, and it can cripple and destroy any potential for a real modeling career later. Although there is money to be made in this kind of work, what is the cost, and where does that money come from? Pictures from such modeling are sold to people in a context which is inappropriate for the age of the model. Although, technically, it is not child pornography as defined by law, it is our opinion that it is being used as such, and that it may be a “legal” form of it.
If you are a parent, and you allow your child to be exploited sexually by unethical people who operate in a gray area of the law, SHAME ON YOU! In our opinion, we feel the same way about stage parents, and damaged parents who try to live through their kids and make money off of them. Let your kids be kids! Don’t rob them of their innocence! They will grow up to hate and resent you, and you will reap what you have sown. You’ll deserve it, too. Was it worth it? If this is you, please seek professional help.
Another angle of “teen modeling” would be models who are legal adults, but who resemble underage teens. In these cases, the model is sometimes photographed nude, or in provocative attire and /or poses. The problem is when the application of such work is NOT modeling, and enters the adult industry. Another problem is when such models are depicted as being underage. This type of modeling, in our opinion, is dangerous, will cripple a mainstream modeling career, and should be avoided at all costs!
If you are a new model, DO NOT attempt to do any HIGH-RISK modeling, which includes modeling nude, modeling is skimpy bikinis, modeling which leaves little to the imagination, modeling with voyeuristic points of view in the composition which could look up your skirt or down your top, and modeling in provocative poses (any modeling where you are on your hands and knees, and your rear is higher than your head could be considered provocative, for example. Such poses, even if you are modeling fully clothed, could easily be taken out of context and used to market something that you would not normally agree to). HIGH-RISK modeling should be attempted by professionals, only, and amateurs have no business doing it. You have to really know what you are doing to do this type of modeling, and have to know understand things, such as segmenting your market/ branding, to avoid undermining your marketability as a model.
What is exploitation? Exploitation could be described best as a situation where someone benefits at the expense of others. In most cases of the exploitation of models, fraud and deception is involved.
Are we down on swimsuit modeling, models posing in skimpy bikinis, and nude modeling? No, not at all. ALL OF THOSE TYPES OF MODELING ARE LEGITIMATE MARKETS IN THE MODELING INDUSTRY.
So, what’s our problem? Allow us to explain, before people jump to conclusions, and accuse us of contradicting ourselves. It’s NOT contradiction if it is complexity which people choose not to comprehend.
As far as those type of high-risk modeling goes, they are all legitimate types of modeling. The problem is that they can conflict with other types of modeling, and have the potential of limiting the marketability, and the careers, of models.
If models understand the risks, and they are experienced enough to work around the shortcomings of such work, that’s fine. If the model wants to specialize in that kind of modeling, that’s fine, too. Just don’t expect to be marketable in other fields of modeling, especially mainstream modeling jobs.
The problem with this, though, is that models are often misled about the risks of such modeling, and do not have all of the information that they need to make an educated, and responsible, decision. Deceiving models, in any way, especially when it is for modeling which may not be in the best interests of their career, is exploitation, and the deception makes it FRAUD, and therefor, a SCAM! Such a model would then be exploited because someone would benefit at their expense, and this is WRONG!
That’s not to say that this could be only done to models out of deliberate intent. It could also be done out of ignorance of the risks, and what is appropriate for the integrity of the modeling career. There are new photographers out there who like taking pictures of attractive women in various state of undress, and in various sexy poses. By itself, there isn’t anything wrong with that. It’s a problem, however, when the photographer themselves are unaware of the risks, and they unintentionally harm the careers of the models who they photograph in this manner.
Models need to think about the photographer who shoots models in sexy contexts, and ask themselves if those photographers, who may be ignorant of the risks, can really do anything for their careers. I certainly would not want to work with anyone who claims to be a professional, but who’s work demonstrates otherwise. Models need to work with photographers with experience, and who know what they are actually doing! This, too, is why freebie TFP photographers, who give away so-called “professional” photography services, are no threat to real professional photographers. Professionals, photographers who know what they are doing, do not work for free when it involves their target market. They will not give away services to models who are in need of those services. Such a photographer, a TFP photographer who gives away services to their target market, would demonstrate that they don’t know what they are doing, and would not be worth much to the model, or their modeling career; it would not be cost-effective to work with such a photographer.
Sometimes, the motivation of all of the parties involved must be questioned. Keep in mind that high-risk modeling is, by far, a much greater risk to the model than the photographer; if the photographer intends to specialize in that kind of work, and sell to that type of market, it’s very low-risk to them (although no parent in their right mind would call up a photographer with risque pictures all over their portfolio in an attempt to book that photographer to shoot their teen daughter’s modeling portfolio; at least we hope not- there are some parents out there who make money off of their children, and they will do it at the expense of their children. In the case of the sane parent looking for a photographer to shoot their daughter’s modeling portfolio, the photographer would find that their chosen field of high-risk photography would cripple their market for more tasteful work when the parent does not call them, and they do not book the photography job).
There are cases, too, where the photographer IS aware of the risks, and they convince the model to do high-risk modeling without disclosing the risks to the model. This deception would make it a model exploitation scam, and it would make the photographer highly unethical, and dangerous to the career of the model. In this case, the model would be exploited, and the photographer would benefit at their expense.
And then there are the sleazy photographers who just want to take advantage of models, and who will sometimes give them services in exchange for sexual favors; such photographers are more common among the photographers who do high-risk work. Do we even have to go into this can of worms here? It’s unprofessional, unethical, and is just wrong, in our opinion. These photographers, in our opinion, are extremely dangerous for models and the careers of models. Of course, only an idiot would fall for something this obvious. Are you an idiot? If you’ve read this far, probably not.
And that’s a brief exploration of the issue. As you can see, it can get a little complex, and this is why high-risk modeling should be left to the experience professionals, only!


Involve your parents!
If you are under 22, and/ or are unsure about who to work with as a model, get your parents involved. Have them sign off on anyone before you work with them, or even contact them. We're seeing over 80% of the models who are under the age of 23 make mistakes which can permanently damage their careers; they obviously do not know what they are doing, and there are a lot of sleazy con artists out there who take advantage of this nonsense. THINK, and consider. Do you think that a company is going to want your face marketing their product or service if you have all of this unprofessional chaos going on online? Don't blame us when you are unable to compete against professional independent models who are smart enough to avoid compromises, and you maintain the marketability of their careers. Networking in nightclubs (See Party Models) and drunken "modeling" parties are a mistake, in our educated opinion, and we certainly do not want to be associated with these so-called models (especially with all the camera phones these days documenting such unprofessional, unmarketable conduct). We're sure that the modeling jobs that you dream of booking feel the same way. Please, if you just want to go crazy and be known for what everyone else is doing, don't claim to be a model. It's an insult to the industry! We hope that those crazy weekends were fun enough to compensate alienating professional modeling opportunities; it's no way to manage any modeling career.

Watch those poses!
Something “innocent” like swimsuit modeling can be taken out of context and used to exploit the model. Do not do poses which can be viewed as sexually provocative, and keep it conservative and tasteful.

Sexy is dangerous!
Pictures which make the model look “sexy”, or put the model in the context of a sexual object, are dangerous. Would you be comfortable showing your pictures to your parents (If not, then they ARE not safe for any mainstream modeling career, and they WILL cripple your marketability as a model)? Assume that all prospective modeling jobs can see ALL of your pictures (as most can, and do... And if they don’t, we’ll be sure to educate them and give them the idea to check out all models before working with them). Do any of your modeling pictures conflict with the marketing of any modeling job? Can they handicap your ability to book modeling jobs?
If you have self esteem issues, and you feel that you have to be “sexy” for your own self-worth, your judgement is in question. You have no business modeling, as modeling is no substitute for therapy.

AVOID cosmetic enhancements. They limit your looks, and your marketability, as a model.
Why handicap yourself as a model? Think that the art director who is booking models into the modeling job that you want likes your cool new tattoo? Think that you are going to be be able to achieve a variety of different looks if you have breast implants and other "adjustments"? Think that botox is going to make you look young? Are lips which are "puffy to the point where people think that you've been beat-up" the answer? The best models have a wide range of marketable looks. Don't limit yourself by locking yourself into a look that cannot be changed, and a look that will limit your marketability and make you look like a bimbo. Take care of yourself, eat right, exercise, and work what you have!

Avoid photographers who have too many swimsuit photographs, and who seem to objectify women by taking pictures of them which exploit them, or make them “sexy”.
Make sure that the photographer has a lot of tasteful, professional pictures which show a lot of range in different areas of modeling. If they only shoot one thing, they are too much of a risk. What do you think that they will try to get you to shoot?

Pictures are FOREVER, and cannot be undone.
The old saying that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure is an understatement here. Prevention is the ONLY cure. Once a photograph is taken, it will last forever. Think that you’ll be able to control the use of a photograph once a photographer has it? Don’t be naive.
Assume that your photographs will always exist, that you cannot control them, and that everyone will see them.
This is why models need to take photography, and the photographers who they work with, very, very seriously. Can you trust the photographer? If not, find one who earns your trust.

Did you know that a scam can do more than take money from a model? A scam can also destroy the career and reputation of a model while they make money at their expense, and it does not necessarily have to take a dime from the model in the short term. How many times have we heard of photographers telling models that they have to do nude and glamour type work to make it? We totally disagree, as do the models who avoided being exploited who are now at the top, and so do the models who have been victims of perverts and people of poor character posing as photographers and managers. The model who allows themselves to be exploited handicaps their market potential and professional reputation. While glamour photography and nude work is legitimate modeling, it is a high risk type of work which deserves high amounts of both respect and caution! Only do this work with photographers that you have known for a while and who have earned your trust. Additionally, any photographer who does nude and glamour work must have a verifiable list of REPUTABLE clientele and references, and they should be able to demonstrate professional levels of work in more conventional model photography styles. Under no circumstances must the work be sexual in nature, as this enters the realm of porn, and the photographer must be able to shoot the models in their portfolio tastefully and in a positive context. Did you know that even swimwear modeling and posing in lingerie can exploit the model if the posing has a sexual context? It's true. We have the utmost respect for legitimate glamour photographers and ones that shoot tasteful nudes. This type of work demands the most professional and responsible attention and care. This type of photography is not for the beginner, however, and if the photographer does nothing but glamour, very little else, and has no verifiable references, then they will do more harm than good to the model and their career! If they are a new photographer and only shoot nudes and glamour, with no other types of work, stay away! Remember: Pictures are forever, and once they are out, no power in the universe short of the world ceasing to exist can undo them! The power of prevention is both important and critical here, and the model MUST be highly selective. Do you really want strangers leering at your pictures and violating your image? We didn't think so. We know of some so-called photographers who use the pictures that they take of models for sexual gratification, and they even make money selling them to others because sex sells. These pictures sell on the lowest common denominator and at the expense of the model. We hit on the photography aspect because it is the most common form of this scam. There are others. Web cam Internet modeling and "lingerie modeling" are other examples, and they are not really modeling; in our educated opinion, either one will completely destroy your marketability as a model, as well as move you from the modeling industry to the adult entertainment / sex industry, and trap you there.

NUDE WORK is risky!

See also Teen Modeling Scams and Modeling Your Future.

Scams listed here are not limited to models, and different types can be easily combined for new types of scams. If you cannot CLARIFY their intentions and VERIFY their references, go somewhere else to do business. It's professionally responsible to do so and lowers your risk. There are lots of great companies out there, like our advertisers and the companies in our resource sections, who are not scams. You owe it to your career to shop around and be selective.


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