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Standards have dropped in the Tampa modeling industry 1. Standards have dropped in the Tampa modeling industryStandards have dropped in the Tampa modeling industry. By C. A. Passinault.
Agency TFP and dumping the modeling portfolio market 2. Agency TFP and dumping the modeling portfolio market
The difference between TFP and professional collaboration 3. The difference between TFP and professional collaboration
Amateurs pretending to be professionals 4. Amateurs pretending to be professionals
Studio training wheels 5. Studio training wheels
Stumbling in the light 6. Stumbling in the light
The aftermath 7. The aftermath

By C. A. Passinault, Director of Tampa Bay Modeling



The Aftermath

So, what next?
Well, they are not going to like this.
Regarding the rampant abuse of TFP by amateurs in the Tampa Bay market, I am going to step up for all professionals in the industry. Although professional models who are smart, and who invest in professional portfolios and composite cards, enjoy the ignorance of the TFP model, as TFP models cannot compete with them, with photographers it is a different story. TFP models are going down, especially those stupid little girls who convince themselves that they are models and have attitudes which telegraph their insecurities. I find these so-called models annoying, and I’m going to teach them a lesson and educate them, humbling them in the process. Although their reckless actions undermine their careers, and those models are their own worst enemy, their attitudes, and the misconceptions that they spread, cripple the integrity of the industry AND give my independent models a bad name. This tends to piss me off; if they are not working with us, they are against us. If they really are serious about becoming a model, they are going to find out, the hard way, that they HAVE to invest in a portfolio and professional-level modeling career tools, like composite cards, from qualified professionals (and NOT necessarily me. I’m at the point right now, after witnessing the chaos and the disrespectful attitudes of the amateurs in the market, where I really don’t care who they get their career tools from as long as it is someone who will give them professional, effective ones, and as long as they have to invest in their careers!) . Go right ahead; take snapshots of yourself on your cell phone camera and post your “portfolio” on some free online profile. Although you cannot have much of a career that way, and you only get out of your modeling career what you put into it, I am going to make sure that these clueless models learn their lesson. How? Read on......
In the next few years, those who keep tabs on my photography company and my modeling web sites are going to notice a massive increase in the number of models who I work with. I am going to flood the Tampa Bay modeling market with so many professional models that the standards will be forced to go up. This new generation of professional independent models will be trained by me, using tactics and tools from my modeling resource sites, like Independent Modeling and Tampa Bay Modeling. The models who are my clients will have the best, highest quality, and most effective modeling career tools in the industry, and few models, even the agency-exclusive models, will be able to compete with them. I’m going to make sure that my models book all of the modeling jobs, and I’ll be more than happy to rub it in the faces of those ignorant TFP models. They will learn their lessons, and both balance and integrity will be restored in the market as the false economy of modeling anarchy and TFP becomes known (I'm sure that it will become known eventually, but I'm not waiting for it to happen naturally. I'm going to be a catalyst, and will accelerate the process along).
Hell, since professional actors tend to be the most supportive of my endeavors, those who are model-worthy may even become my secret weapons. I might be inclined to help bridge actors and talent into the modeling industry, and few models will be able to compete with these triple-threat (or more) polytalented models (a polytalented model, statistically, is a model who is 1 in 100,000, and I have several of them in my professional roster. A polytalented model is a model who has talent in three or more professional fields, such as singing, acting, dancing, etc. One of my best friends, Ann Poonkasem, is one such polytalented model; she models, sings, acts, dances, and is also professionally skilled in other fields of the entertainment industry. I know of another polytalented model who has worked in the Tampa Bay market, and who is NOT affiliated with me, as I barely know her and have never worked with her, and her name is Reby. Reby is a really talented model, as well as talented in other entertainment fields, although, in my opinion, she undermines the marketability of her career by having nudes all over the Internet. Knowing this, I had no desire to work with her or to get to know her; This is one of the few instances where someone did not sell themselves short. Now, in 2013, looking back, I still have no regrets about not working with her. I know what I am doing. There are other reasons, too, but that was the top one. Even without her making what I consider to be mistakes, even someone like Reby would have a hard time competing against what I will be bringing to the market, and it is as it should be.).
The best of those models will become a part of my upcoming professional modeling organization. I’m looking at numbers of more than a hundred top models joining a year, and if you consider that these few will be the cream of the crop of those models who I work with, you can begin to understand what I mean when I say that I will be flooding the market. This market will be so saturated with professional models using my tools and tactics that even the modeling agencies will have a tough time booking the models who they represent into jobs; the agencies will have a tough time finding jobs when I get done with the market (there are over five different projects all intersecting and supporting each other which will make this possible. When the dust settles, agency models will be at a disadvantage, and any photographer who is affiliated with any agency is going to have serious credibility issues. The market will be flipped). If people have a hard time competing with me, imagine how hard it will be to compete with professionals equipped with my tools. The F-ing primitives are going down!
Primitives? Yes, they are, in my opinion. You have a bunch of clueless amateurs pretending to be professionals, and who do not know what they are doing, introducing anarchy into the industry. These amateurs use freebie social media sites and TFP, and are not able to establish a career. I’m about to show these people just how little that they know, and force them to adapt to the standard which I will introduce to the market, with the help of thousands of models who come from my work. This is war, and the primitives will not be able to compete against what is coming, especially with my modeling resource sites backing my models up and enhancing their efforts.
Which brings us back to the amateur photographers and their photography shootout events.
Although I did not go with the intention of spying on anyone, what I saw when I was there convinced me that standards need to be set in the market by qualified professionals who actually know what they are doing. If you allow children to wave around loaded guns, someone will get hurt. Being treated rudely was just a bonus, however, and helped motivate me to do something. So, I will be putting together a series of modeling, photography, and modeling photography events.
Currently, there are four or five regular modeling photography events in the Tampa Bay area, and I don’t think that a single one of them is worth it. Among the best is a glamour modeling photography workshop which is run by a photographer whom I have serious questions about regarding his ethics (and this event which I attended was not his). His focus on glamour modeling and high-risk modeling is highly questionable, too. There either was, or still is, a series of modeling photography shootout events held at a nudist colony, too (I love how these skanky, tacky people portray themselves as “artists”, and try to pass off exploitation as art. Sure, we have freedoms in this country, and have a right to pursue what we feel is art, but these extremists are the defilers of freedom, in my educated opinion, and because they persist on crossing the line of good taste, and as they try to speak for true artists, our rights are slowly being taken away. Art, and the integrity of art, deserves the utmost respect and education). Obviously, there needs to be something better, and I’m in the position to do something about it.
The really cool thing is that I’ve put 10 years of investment into support infrastructure and resources. None of these people have the exposure and the profile that I do. Do you suppose that they will be able to compete with any event backed by Tampa Bay Modeling, Independent Modeling, Florida Models, Advanced Model, and Frontier Pop?
I’ll start by having my photography association, the Tampa Bay Photography Society, produce a series of modeling photography shootouts. I’m working on the format and the branding for now, and that’s it. When it starts, though, it’s game-over for all of the others.


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