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Tampa modeling photography shootout issues and scams 1. Tampa modeling photography shootout issues and scamsRecounting history about a war with a group of Tampa photographers which was fought long ago and won, a new war begins to fight amateur shootout events and ignorance in the Tampa Bay modeling industry. Tampa Bay Modeling prepares to set the standard with a series of professional modeling and photography shootout events and workshops; our Tampa Shootouts.
Online education campaign 1a. Online education campaign
Shootout events 1b. Shootout events
Tampa Photography Society professional photography association 1c. Tampa Bay Photography Society Association
History: The Tampa Photography War 2003-2004 1d. History: The Tampa Photography War 2003-2004

The “model coach” and his May 2011 shootout 2. The “model coach” and his May 2011 shootout
Being invited and intentions. How lying = scam 2a. Being invited and intentions. How lying = scam
Amateurs pretending to be professional 2b. Amateurs pretending to be professional
Coaching, the “agent”, composition, and posing 2c. Coaching, the “agent”, composition, and posing
Children with a loaded gun 2d. Children with a loaded gun
Mean amateurs and the backlash against them 2e. Mean amateurs and the backlash against them


By C. A. Passinault, Director of Tampa Bay Modeling


I’ve been thinking about doing a series of modeling shootout events for several years now. Back as far as 2001 and 2002, I used to go out with groups of models and other photographers in rather informal shootouts, and we’d have a lot of fun while getting some great work done (keep in mind that I also had a photography business even back then, and it worked well. These excursions did not conflict with my business or undermine my market, either). Informal or not, however, these group shoots were a hell of a lot more organized, and professional, than any of these other shootout events in recent years. In 2005, I noticed, to my disgust, that a Tampa glamour photographer was doing a series of shootout events in the Tampa Bay area, promoting high-risk photography and modeling as “mainstream” and safe. Although the photography work was decent, this was wrong, and they were spreading misconceptions about modeling and photography in this market. Then again, I’ve always questioned the ethics of that photographer, who seemed more interested in marketing services to photographers and exploiting models than actually having a respectable photography business. Maybe he really was only doing it for fun? Even if that was the case, he definitely left a “black” mark on the local market, in my educated opinion.
There was a time, about nine years ago, when I was booking models into one of my photography projects. I asked for professional references. One of the models used him as a reference. I sent her an email and asked her for another reference. He wasn’t happy about it when she told him, but I didn’t care; he sent me a sarcastic email wanting to know about my criteria for references, and I didn’t bother to dignify it with a reply. He got the message, and so did she.
How about professional integrity, and knowing the risks of the crap that you are doing as you spin it as the real deal? This photographer knew better, too, as he is not dumb. In my opinion, he merely was out to make money at the expense of others, and did not care who he hurt or exploited along the way. I do not like people like that, and certainly cannot respect them. I also refuse to be associated with them in any way, and other professionals should be as selective about who they associate with. Don’t compromise! Your career will thrive only if you protect it by using good judgement and if you make good decisions. The more you learn, and the more experience that you get, the better that you will do. Know what you are dealing with, and get the facts so that you don’t sell yourself short. You are what you do, and this includes anyone whom you associate with.
In recent years, I was horrified to observe a rather skanky, overrated “model” doing a series of shootout events at a clothing-optional resort in the Tampa Bay area. She and her minions would spam the Internet and social media with whatever it was that they were trying to do (one of her so-called “photographers” sent Tampa Bay Modeling a spam ad email on Myspace, and I let them know what I thought of them and their “offer”. I told them that real models don’t do shoots at clothing-optional resorts with no-talent people who tried to spin exploitation as art). They spun a bunch of amateurish, inappropriate, high-risk garbage as “mainstream” professional modeling and photography, too (I just love it when low-class, trashy people, people who are out to make it by using and exploiting others, make it at the expense of others, while persistently try to pass themselves off as “open-minded artists”. These defilers of freedom abuse our rights by taking advantage of them and pushing the envelope of good taste, causing public outrage and apathy toward anything described as art; they make it harder for legitimate professionals to maintain their rights. You f-ing fakes disgust me, and I’m aiming to put these people in their place and out of business!). I monitored the photographs and the coverage of these events, and I was not impressed. Why do these amateur, crass people go out and do these tacky, low-class events and make the participants look like idiots? In these cases, though, perception was indeed reality, as far as I was concerned; these people were all idiots. Fortunately, the “model” became a vagabond gypsy and moved on, and the shootouts came to an end. Many models were happy about that, and the Tampa Bay area rejoiced. Good riddance, and please do not move back (Note: As of 07/22/11, it does look like that she is indeed back, and up to her usual B.S. It doesn’t matter, though, as she won’t be able to compete with more professional, higher quality, and more creative alternatives as we bring the standard to the market. I talked to a model tonight, and she told me that she tried to delete the spam from the model who was doing the resort shootouts; when your target market hates you, you have no chance).
Which brings us to a modeling photography shootout event that I witnessed first-hand last month (For more about this, keep reading this article, as it will covered in Part Two: “The GWC model coach and his shootout event”. Also, read my previous article “Standards have dropped in the Tampa modeling industry”). All of my preconceptions were proven correct, and there is more about this in part two of this article. The organizer lied to me, lied to the people who were there about me (He invited me to attend, backstabbed me by telling the people in attendance behind my back not to talk to me, implying that I was doing something wrong, lied by telling them that I had invited myself, which was NOT the case, and was really rude to me by telling me that I could not be around them while they “worked”), and used deceptive, manipulative tactics; one of the reasons was that he was afraid of competing with me because he knew that he could not compete with me, in my opinion. Anyone who lies is a scam. Additionally, let’s just say that watching a bunch of amateurs pretend that they were industry players, while they screwed any chance that the models had of having effective careers with completely inappropriate photography work, convinced me that standards have to be introduced to the market. With my resources, contacts, and professional experience in the market, too, they have no chance of competing with me, either. They already know this, though, and I’m sure that they are losing sleep over this (I am not joking about this, either).
What is coming will cripple most of the shootout events in the Tampa Bay market, if not outright put them out of business altogether. It’s something that they have coming to them, and it is something that they well-deserve.
This Fall, I am deploying a series of modeling photography shootout events (NOTE 07/28/13 - This article was published two years ago, in July 2011. My shootout events were delayed, but it did not matter. Just the threat of the shootout events caused the "competition" to panic, and their attempts to adapt destroyed their shootout business. We never had to do do any shootout events. This said, my shootout events are needed, and they are coming; they should be up to full capability and capacity by 2014; I took the extra time to work out the details. The story behind this would take another article, and will be written and published on a new, upcoming web site once the shootouts are operational in 2014. It's an awesome story, too, and I might even make it into an independent film). Recently, in preparation for this, I even bought TampaShootouts.Com . There will be more than one shootout event property, they will interconnect, and I will build and deploy additional shootout event web sites, all with strong branding and formats, as I begin this project. All of the shootout event sites will use TampaShootouts.Com as the core site (Note 07/28/13 - I decided to just go with TampaShootouts.Com, and keep it at that. The site has done extremely well, and it is as the top of search results, where it belongs).
So, we have something that they will not be able to compete with, and new standards will be maintained in the Tampa Bay market. There is no way that a self-proclaimed “model coach” who is a poor photographer and who operates from a portfolio networking site will be able to compete with a network of several web sites (which will dominate search engines), the branding and format of the events, the organization of the events, my professional industry contacts and support, and the support of all of my other web sites, including Tampa Bay Modeling.
You brought this on yourself, and you deserve it. You tried to mislead me, convinced me that there needs to be a professional, ethical alternative to what you are trying to do, and you are going to find out that I was the wrong person to provoke. You see, I have the power and the resources to dominate Tampa shootout events. You don’t, and you never will, if I have anything to do with it. You have awakened a sleeping giant by trying to step to me while disrespecting me, and I’ve, figuratively, knocked you on your ass.
This is my market, and the market of other professionals who have EARNED the right to be here. Amateurs have no business trying to step to us, and amateurs certainly do not have the right to become con artists, pulling scams while misrepresenting their experience and portraying themselves as industry players when they are not. The top professional models in the Tampa Bay market trust and respect me because I have earned their trust and respect. I have an unmatched track record of getting along with professional models, which is why many of my best friends are the models whom you dream of working with. Except, that won’t happen now. You stated that you want word about you to get out, and it certainly has. Right now, several hundred professional models know what happened, and they won’t have anything to do with you or those other unethical amateurs.
I’m also going to take your market from you. Game over, liar. Go get another hobby and convince people in some other market that you know what you are doing. In this market, the professionals see you for what you really are, and know that you are a FAKE.
Oh, and another thing about the shootouts, especially the monthly ones. They are free for professionals. Free usually doesn’t trump paid unless the quality is better, and in this case, it is, because professional models, photographers, make up artists, and stylists collaborate with each other and will do some worthwhile work. They will also behave professionally. There will be none of this petty bickering and backstabbing going on, and no cliques. I won’t be inviting anyone whom I don’t want there, and won’t mislead anyone by inviting them and then claiming otherwise when they show up. The other shootouts are marketed toward amateurs, and it shows in the results of the work. Yes, we will be having professional workshops which will tie into the shootouts, workshops which are target marketed to amateurs and which are taught by qualified, experienced professionals, but the workshops are not the monthly shootouts. There is a difference. One of the main purposes of my monthly shootout events is for professionals to network and collaborate, and that’s a reason that I want to keep it free, at least as first.
I can understand why someone might want to charge an aspiring photographer $100.00 for a shootout where they can take pictures of models and build their portfolios, but they should get more value for that. Anyone can take pictures of models, especially the amateurs which are at those shootouts, and for free, at that (Free only trumps paid if the quality is the same, or better, because this makes it a better value for the time invested. Free cannot trump paid, though, if the quality is poorer than what you would pay for, such as TFP shoots VS paid photography work. Professionals are going to know how to work it, and how to position themselves, and they are going to make money doing what they were meant to do, and doing what they earned the right to do by paying their dues, while the amateurs will be stuck in a rut doing free work). Why charge someone for something that they can get for free with no additional effort? What, are you going to teach them? How can you teach anyone something that you do not know? Are you just going to make it up as you go? Is that even honest? Do you care? Amateurs helping amateurs is kind of like the blind leading the blind, and it’s no wonder that those shootouts turn out to be wastes of time. Yes, there have been complaints, and yes, those complaints are one of the reasons that I’ve been inspired to do these shootout events.
Regarding giving new models advice on furthering their career, especially when you haven’t been able to turn whatever it is that you do into a career yourself, I’m sure that you can study the information on my modeling resources sites and, like a shady, unethical middleman, pass of my information as your “advice”, but I genuinely have the experience and the knowledge. I am the source. You will never be better than me at this.

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